Our Pillars

Divina & Amor

Meet our two beautiful specimens, our Queen Divina and King Amor, specially chosen, cared for and socialized.

Our queen



Our Queen is Brown – Rosetted, was born on March 31, 2017 and weighs approximately 4 kilos.

She is from is from an excellent Canadian breeder WildCharmBengals, top quality, well socialized and  champions on several occasions.

Divina has a good contrast on her golden mantle with different forms of tricolor rosettes, harmoniously spaced, with a sample of tricolor on her mantle. Her outgoing personality adds to her wonderful character. Her sweet face is friendly and captivates us daily with her games and long talks. She is a very intelligent cat, guardian, Queen of the house, who loves attention and goes for daily walks on the leash.

Our king


Abbot Aka Amor

Our King Abbot Aka Amor is ¨Snow Charcoal Mink¨. He has large aquamarine blue eyes, his beautiful and large well spaced ¨paw-print¨ rosettes have us in love. He was born on June 2, 2018 and weighs 7 kilos.

His roots come from Russia from catteries with TOP quality in Bengal kittens, specialized in the development of the best Snow Bengals in the world.

Amor is a majestically beautiful cat. Aesthetic highlights include his straight profile and super wild looking face. His large athletic body, his calm personality and his feline walk makes us really feel with a mini snow leopard at home but is contrasted by his sweet, affectionate personality.

We chose to develop in our program, Snow Charcoal Mink for the great contrast of rosettes that is achieved with the mantle that covers them, their beautiful facial mask that gives them an even more exotic look and the beauty of their large aquamarine blue eyes.

¡Your Bengal awaits you!