WildCharm Divina And BirchMtn Abbot aka "Amor"

Litter June 13, 2019

Our Bengal kittens are really fantastic beings, three healthy, wonderful kittens of a majestic quality and appearance that share our daily lives with us. They love to play, they are very active, they are also very intelligent and affectionate. They always greet you when they get home, and at bedtime they seek the warmth of the litter or our human warmth. Another of these kittens characteristics are their unusual attraction to water, inherited from their wild ancestors, which we encourage daily.

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First Litter


Snow Sepia or Mink. ¨ Under Evaluation

She was born on June 13, 2019 together with the other kittens.

Recently under evaluation as she is showing good standards for exhibition and could be released for the Waiting List on her 15th/16th week of age.

First Litter


King is Spotted Brown.

Or what a surprise! Maybe Silver – Spotted/ Silver

He was born on June 13, 2019. ‘Reserved’

Rey is the alpha male of the litter, his mantle is soft, of great contrast, with large and very symmetrical rosettes. With large legs and prominent head promises a good size like his Father. In addition, an incredible personality, always willing to play, with a sweet and respectful character.

First Litter


Atenea is Spotted Brown.

She was born June 13 2019. ‘Reserved’

Atenea is a kitten with high contrast, beautiful rosettes that are harmoniously spaced, with a very exotic look, her large eyes and sweet face give the expression of a tiger kitten.

Also, she is vocal like her Mother, always ready to receive caresses and human company

¡Your Bengal awaits you!