Welcome to our Bengal family!

If you have already arrived here, it is most likely that you have already made the decision to live with a mini leopard at home.


  • Brown rosetted … from $1500.
  • Brown charcoal rosetted … from $1800.


  • Snow rosetted … from $1800.
  • Snow charcoal rosetted ... from $1800.


  • Silver rosetted … from $2000.
  • Silver snow rosetted … from $2200.

* Prices are in US Dollars.

* Kittens will be evaluated individually, this is a minimum preliminary pet price stipulated by TICA and the final price of each kitten will be negotiated with your buyer as agreed.

* Receive a special discount on the purchase of  two Bengals and / or second kitten, at a later date with Divine Bengal Cats.


What you will take home with your kitten ...

  • Spay / neuter.
  • Veterinary checks, vaccination and health records.
  • Bed or Kennel plus blanket with the litter mates and the mothers smell in it.
  • Assorted toys for kittens (balls, mice, etc., all the things they have been used to playing since birth).
  • Proof of TICA registration that you will use to register your kitten online once you have decided on the name.
  • Microchip and a guide to care for Bengal kittens, fully loaded on our page.
  • Health guarantee against viral diseases and congenital defects.
  • Kit genetic tests.

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Application form

This questionnaire and kitten application are designed to help us compile important information meant to determine best which type of kitten would suit you best. To how best determine if its possible to be the owner of one of our Bengals.

Keep in mind that to be included on the waitlist for a particular kitten, you need to send the completed questionnaire, the signed agreement and send us the required deposit. You can’t be on the waitlist without completing theses three requirements. To speed up the process, we’ve included a link to Agree to the deposit, once signed, needs to be sent with the completed payment in the PayPal link of your deposit.

 If your application isn’t approved and/or you decide not to continue on the waitlist until you meet the minimum requirements to live with a Bengal cat for the next two decades, we will return your deposit to you in full within 48 hours. Thank you for trusting in us!


Frequently Asked Questions ...

If you want to belong to our general waiting list as soon as possible, make your payment on the PayPal.me link on this page and/or contact us directly, please do not forget to fill out the application form below. There isn't any cost to be on the wait list, which is first come, first serve. This is possible once you're request has been approved and you've been confirmed via email.


If you wish to be on the waitlist for a particular kitten, must after receiving your approval from your request, to have completed a downpayment of $250 deposit for a quality kitten pet, or $500 for a quality kitten for exhibition or breeding. And signed the 'Agreement of the deposit', we will put you on the waitlist for your preferred kitten.


You can realize any amount of payment on the  PayPal link that you find on this page/or contact us directly.

Our questions, are designed purely to obtain information to help us be sure that we're finding our Bengals the best possible homes.

We accept Payments through PayPal (Preferred Payment Method), deposits, electronic bank transfer or money order. The kittens are placed in the order in which we receive the deposit.  You can make your first Deposit HERE, and save your place in the waiting List immediately!


Keep in mind that buyers with deposits made are not required to buy a kitten from the next available litter; We are more than happy to wait for you to discover the kitten that best suits your preferences, no matter how long it takes. 


Deposits and payments are not refundable (Unless your request to purchase a kitten has not been approved). This helps us limit our relationships only to seriously interested buyers. 

The balance of the purchase price of the kitten, including shipping (if applicable) must be paid in full at the time the kitten is 10 weeks old, so that we can organize the trip if necessary. We have implemented a “graduated payment” procedure for our deposits to make it easier. This is clearly described in the deposit agreement, but basically it works as follows: The first deposit ($ 250) save your place in the list. 


The second instalment ($750) must be made when you choose and you already commit to your kitten in the next 72 hours, a maximum waiting period can be agreed to reserve this kitten until 4 or 5 weeks of age. At 10 weeks of age you must complete the payment and send the balance of what we have assigned to your kitten. You can make your Payments HERE! 

We are always willing to discuss the answers, in case they do not meet our standards, we will work with you to help you better understand how your home can make the perfect living environment for one of our Bengal kittens.


If we consider that the potential buyer is not suitable for a particular kitten, we will explain the reasons and do everything possible to help you find a kitten that best meets your needs.

If you have read this far, you will most likely be a person who is prepared to acquire one of the most interesting, intelligent, very vital and exciting cats that a person can live with. If you are passionate about having a hybrid cat, intelligent and affectionate, in fact, an adorable "Mini Leopard" at home and go out for walks with your Bengal in their harness and leash for the next 15 to 20 years of your life ... You are taking the Right decision and you will never regret it.


It is a well known fact that Bengal cats love adventure and cost more than the average domestic cat, we know that not everyone can do it, but if you have the possibility, and passion to commit ... ENJOY IT! To maintain calm, we advise you to acquire a good GPS locator for your kitty's harness.


The next step is to choose the right Bengal for you. Our advice is that this decision should always be based first on the personality and temperament that you would like in your cat and then on the colors and markings. All Bengals are beautiful, some adhere more to the standards set by the entertainment community and therefore, are considered more "valuable." ALL are Bengals of pedigree, pets of wonderful personalities and exotic, regardless of their defined value.

The categories you should consider are established according to the Bengal or Bengali breed standards defined by the International Cat Association: (TICA). The prices of the kittens on this page are the minimum pet quality prices established by TICA, others that meet the highest number of criteria for the breed will be classified as exhibition quality cats and will have a higher price. Display quality cats can be sold as "top" pets (neutered and spayed) but the price will finally be higher for such a cat than the price of a "pet quality" cat. We will be there to guide you in your decision, based on an in-depth discussion of your preferences and your budget.


For the sale of quality reproduction kittens, only established breeder outside of Canada will be considered.


Indeed, Bengalis are the butterflies of the cat world! A kitten can begin so quietly in contrast and "fuzzy" that he can barely distinguish spots or rosettes and may think that he qualifies as a "pet-only" quality kitty. That same kitten can bloom in the most contrasted and well structured kitten that can be imagined within three months. The "fluff" as the stage of 6 to 12 weeks is called is a distinctive feature of Bengali cats, as it is with other wild cats. It is a protective feature that helps hide the beautiful and recognizable leopard brands of predators.


It is for this reason, that it is generally later when the final value of each kitten can be determined, when the quality can be defined more precisely. In the first weeks, an estimated "price range" will be assigned for each kitten for its quality, according to an evaluation carried out in conjunction with our TICA mentor. At the time you set it aside with the deposit, you will be provided with the relevant information of your selected kitten and its estimated "price range", with a minimum and maximum price, in which the two parts fully agree. At this time your selected kitten will be labeled "Reserved."


Before collecting or sending your kitten, you must define and pay the final price assigned to your kitten, including shipping costs and health certificate to leave the country, if that is the case. It is necessary to be sure of the name of the kitten, to begin its documentation and to request the registration voucher for its Pedigree issued by TICA, which guarantees it as a pure Bengal kitten.


Additionally, once weaning is completed, we will perform genetic tests of each kitten, to confirm the exact colors of all the kittens and provide you with as much information as possible of the kitten you take home.

All of our cats are registered with TICA and come from Canadian lineages of hatcheries with champions. Your kitten will have a microchip, will be previously vaccinated, dewormed and spayed or neutered before he goes home with you, without exception. They will also leave with the corresponding health certificate / guarantee and all required vaccinations. In total, about $ 500- $ 600 of the basic veterinary cost will have been invested in your kitten before taking it home.


The pedigrees of our cats are public in their respective links on the official TICA website. Each of our kittens has their TICA registration receipt, which will be used to register your kitty online. You can also request your pedigree of 3 or 5 generations of TICA at the same time.

A first visit will be allowed before six weeks at our discretion and on a case by case basis. We do not want to compromise the safety and health of kittens, the presence of strangers and unusual movements in the house, could alter the mother and compromise the well-being of newborn kittens. That's why we work hard to provide videos on Instagram stories and photos regularly of kittens, so they can learn about the development of kittens, choose and get acquainted with your favorite kitten, based on their appearance and personality from their first weeks of lifetime.


After receiving their first vaccinations at the age of eight weeks, kittens will be more ready to socialize with the outside world and we will be willing to make a greater number of scheduled visits.

The kittens are ready to be sent after they are 3 months to 6 months of age, and once they have received all of their vaccinations, been dewormed/deparasited, completed their quarantine and the kittens sterilization is complete. And as soon as is reasonable, for any climate restrictions set in place for sending live animals in airplane cargo holds has been lifted to each respective city or any other quarantine laws in place for different countries. 


Not following through with an agreed pick up time is not permitted under any circumstances, if there is an unforeseen delay in your arrival to the pick up place, please contact us immediately, thank you.

The kittens will be photographed as soon as reasonably possible and will be officially offered on our website around 12 weeks of age with the following tags ...


Available: This means that you are free to ask about this kitten. It will be available for you to make a deposit (or buy it if you are ready to leave). The first person to send a deposit receives the first option of available kittens.


Reserved: This means that a deposit has been made and the kitten has been chosen by its owner. It's no longer available.


Pending: This means that someone is sending us a deposit. If the deposit does not arrive within the next 72 hours, or if a payment agreement has been reached until 4 or 5 weeks at the latest or if the buyer changes his mind, the kitten will be “Available” again with the first option If chosen by the waiting list.


Reserved for the waiting list: This means that the people on the waiting list (those who previously sent a deposit to secure a place in line to choose their favorite kitten) have the first option of the kitten. If no one on the waiting list chooses that kitten, it will be marked as "Available" again.


Under evaluation: This means that the kitten stays in DivineBengalCats for our program, but it may still be available in the future if we remove it, with the first option of being chosen by the waiting list.


Guardian: This means that we are holding the kitten for the evaluation of our program or that of a breeder. It's no longer available.


We hope we have answered all your questions. If not, do not hesitate to contact us at any time for more information. We invite you to continue with the process, filling out the form below and making the payment of your deposit. Thank you.

¡Your Bengal awaits you!