Passionate for the feline world and in love with this breed, is how Divine Bengal Cats was born, a small and family cattery of only one pair of breeding cats with the end result aimed at helping others, who like us, want to live the great experience of walking and living with a majestic Bengal cat.

We have sourced two excellent  Bengal cats from Canada for our breeding and development program of this fascinating breed. Other important pillars within our policy are, without a doubt, the health and good character of our kittens, surrounded by a lot of love, no cages, they can climb, play, sunbathe and where they can live with us throughout the possible time in a family environment, pampering and managing them daily from an early age, to help them build a sweet and sociable character.

We look forward to finding the best homes for our beautiful and cute kittens; All will be delivered sterilized and part of our social work is to help other kittens without resources from our local Mexican community.


We know that more than a pet, your kitten will be a new member of your family so we express our commitment to meet your expectations, giving you a high quality specimen, in excellent health conditions, vaccinated, dewormed, socialized, litter box trained and with the documents issued by TICA that guarantee it as a true Bengal. (

Download our CODE OF ETHICS

In Divine Bengal Cats we are committed to offering our customers all the guarantees when acquiring a Bengal Cat, from dealing with the client to the quality of our specimens:

  • All kittens are delivered in excellent health and are taken to the veterinarian for health checks prior to delivery.
  • We are the only Mexican-based Canadian cattery, which appears on the Bengal Cat breeder lists by TICA ( So you will save expensive shipping costs for a kitten with high quality standards.
  • We signed the Code of Ethics with TICA (International Feline Association). Which demonstrates our commitment and relationship to the highest authority of the Feline world.
  • Each of our kittens is delivered with their official TICA registry, with which the client can verify their pedigree quality and subsequently if the client wishes, they can obtain their pedigree by requesting it directly online on the official TICA website.

¡Your Bengal awaits you!